Hair styling, colouring and cutting

Hair Salon

Harringtons has a fully equipped hair salon in Devizes. Our qualified and experienced hairdressers specialise in cutting, trimming, colouring, and styling your hair to keep your hair looking great and in fabulous condition.

If you are thinking about changing your hair colour will offer a free 15-minute consultation to make sure we fully understand what you are trying to achieve. We will cover areas such as ;

  • Your current hair colour, its texture and condition
  • What have you had done in the past; what was great and what was not so great?
  • What do you want the end result to be, and how do you want your hair to look?
  • Is there a specific date you are working to; a significant event like a wedding or a birthday?
  • Are you happy to have a series of visits or just a one-and-done?
  • How much are you willing to invest to achieve your look

Cutting, Styling & Colouring

Our hair salon offers a comprehensive range of cutting, styling and clouring.


Children under 10 £12
Children 10 – 16 £15
Cut, blowdry and restyle 60 mins £45
Cut and blowdry 45 mins £40
Wet cut 30 mins £20
Dry cut 30 mins £18

Hair Colouring

Consultation 15 Mins Free
Custom colouring/balayage 2 hours from £85
Full head foils 60 min £80
Half head foils 45 min £60
T-section foils 30 min £50
Colour correction 3 hours from £85
Semi-permanent hair colour 30 min £35
Root tint 30 min £45
Regrowth root tint 30 min £40
Additional foils to root tint 15 min £15
Toner 10 min £15


Hair curling 30 min £15
Blowdry 40 min £17
Occasion hair up 60 min £30